About The Savvy Lush

Why I Do It

As an enthusiast, I searched in vain for a wine blog that could recommend bang-for-your-buck bottles in language that wasn’t precious and complicated. I get it—wine itself can be incredibly, marvelously complex.  But the pleasures and benefits of wine drinking are simple:

  • This one tastes good.
  • This one tastes bad.
  • This one is fantastic with pad thai and makes my knees tingle.

Is that so hard? All these wine blogs, wine apps, wine books, and none of them spoke to my relationship with wine. So The Savvy Lush was born.

A Young Broad Abroad

My wine education began when I lived in Italy as a young exchange student. I loved drinking wine.  Immediately.  Maybe it was the forbidden-fruit part, me being underage; but I’ve been back to Italy several times since, and my love of wine has only deepened as it’s matured. I can spend hours in a wine store, gazing at bottles, reading reviews, talking with the shop owners, lustily imagining what each bottle holds, and what I might pair it with.

A while back people started coming to me for help in selecting wines for their meals, their parties and their weddings. I’ve always loved introducing wines to friends and family, and was tickled when someone opened a bottle I brought, took a sip, and smiled. The real kicker was when I told them I bought it up the street for eight bucks. Word got around that I knew my stuff.

Which Way Are You Going?

Wine is fluid enhancement. The tastes, the smells, the varieties are virtually endless. It relaxes you, helps you take your time and enjoy the simple things in life. It’s there when you feel happy; it’s there when you feel sad. It can be celebratory; it can be intimate. Without question, wine has improved my life experience.

I want you to enjoy it, too. Whether you want a table wine with Tuesday night take-out, or you need to impress at a colleague’s dinner party with a rich, full-bodied (but crazy underpriced) bottle, I hope to help you find the wine you didn’t know you were looking for.The Savvy Lush Signature

Happy drinking.