The Savvy Lush User’s Guide

Here are some definitions to help you make the most of The Savvy Lush:

Red of the Week

A great bottle of red OR rosé under $15 found in or around the Twin Cities. Articles are contingent on inspiration and sobriety.

White of the Week

Same idea as the red, only a great bottle of white OR bubbly under $15 found in or around the Twin Cities.

Skank of the Month

How can I explain? Say you’re at a bar and they’re trying to pawn off some “Mystery Shot”: it could be some kick-ass, delicious whiskey; it could be some yicky sweet kamikaze slosh. This is that kind of mixed bag, only The Savvy Lush rolls the dice so you won’t have to. It may be a great, ultra-cheap budget wine that becomes your new dirty little secret, or it may be some stank-ass, crappy “wine” whose true home is in a brown paper bag lying next to a urine puddle in a dark alley.

Snob of the Month

Any bottle that is over $15, but is sooooo wickedly sexy you want to make sweet, sweet love to it, take it out for breakfast, and shout it’s praises from every roof top! Let’s face it: some splurges are just plain worth it.

Bright Shiny Things

Are you a visual learner? Simply click on a photo and watch it grow. Perfect for all your mobile thing-a-ma-jigs. Click to expand, show the store clerk and voila – the wine is in your hands!

Talk to me!

Want to work together? I specialize in events, public speaking, freelance writing and food and wine pairings. I dig folks who want to have fun while learning about wine. Simply email me and make your demands. We’ll chat further about how we can collaborate together.

Have you tried a wine based on the Savvy Lush’s review? Is there a certain wine or geographical wine region you’d like to get to know without playing trial and error? Do you just want to tell me how great I am? Gimme your thoughts, pose your questions and make your demands. I’m all ears.

Are you ready? Jump in and start searching for the bottle you didn’t know you were looking for.

Ching ching!

Brag Section aka PRESS

Check out The Wine Company of Minnesota’s celebration of National Potato Chip Day with Grower Champagne. I took the Pepsi Challenge:

Check out Wine Geek TV for “The Jeff’s” as they bring you better than average pairings and other hullabaloo such as our Christmas edition with yours truly!

Check out Jason Kallsen’s article about me on Twin Cities Wine! Cities Wine

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