Marques de Montanana

Marques de Montañana

Cost: Average price $8

Where buy now: Trader Joe’s – $4.99

Grapes: 100% Grenache or en Espana, Garnacha

Region: Catalyud, Spain

Vintage: 2009

Marques de Montanana
Marques de Montanana

So, it’s a Monday night. I’d say I put in an unexceptional day at work.  Do I deserve a glass of wine?

Hell yes, I do!

In effort to keep up with my debt diet, I decide to cook some dinner using whatever I can scrounge up. I see a freezer full of frozen vegetables (apparently a 10 for $10 sale at Cub is titillating to my husband) and stale ice cubes.  Since I do not share this love of frozen vegetable medleys, I peruse the refrigerator.

Yes! I spy the wheel of brie I forgot I bought at Costco. (Don’t ask- apparently I had provocation to buy an entire wheel of it.)  Oh, and what’s that?  Another hastened purchase: a bottle of something called Bronco Bob’s Roasted Raspberry & Chipotle sauce. I cut myself a wedge of brie, pour the sauce over it, and establish my happy place.

Now, for the trifecta! I pour myself a bounteous glass of Grenache, Marques de Montañana, that I found for $4.99 at Trader Joe’s. Now, it isn’t the most flavorful Grenache I’ve ever tasted. But, hell, it is Monday night and I’m chowing a wheel of brie smothered in raspberry chipotle sauce. It’s going down real easy.

Spanish Garnacha is typically palletable and super affordable- it’s tough to go wrong.  Hints of spice, berry, easily goes with a hamburger as it does some fancy Serrano ham.

So, if you’re looking for a simple red wine that won’t be a flavor dominator, I recommend braving the stupid crowds at Trader Joe’s and picking up at least 2 – 3 bottles; Tuesday night is right around the corner.