Wine Book Club at Sunfish Cellars

Join a fun new way to learn about wine without trudging through a wine encyclopedia or going to a wine class. We’ve chosen novels that have interesting and exciting stories surrounding the fascinating world of wine that will allow you to learn while being entertained. Where’s the wine you say? We will meet the last Tuesday of each month at Sunfish Cellars Wine Bar to discuss and drink! Meet fellow wine lovers and enjoy a $10 flight related to that month’s book along with cheese & meat plates, flatbreads, sandwiches, and more wine by the glass to purchase. Didn’t have time to read it? That’s ok! Come enjoy some fabulous company!

The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace – Tuesday, Jan. 29 at 6:30 PM

Synopsis: The Billionaire’s Vinegar tells the true story of a 1787 Château Lafite Bordeaux—supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson—that sold for $156,000 at auction and of the eccentrics whose lives intersected with it. Was it truly entombed in a Paris cellar for two hundred years? Or did it come from a secret Nazi bunker? Or from the moldy basement of a devilishly brilliant con artist? As Benjamin Wallace unravels the mystery, we meet a gallery of intriguing players—from the bicycle-riding British auctioneer who speaks of wines as if they are women to the obsessive wine collector who discovered the bottle. Suspenseful and thrillingly strange, this is the vintage tale of what could be the most elaborate con since the Hitler diaries.

Purchase: Amazon.com Rent: Hennepin County Libraries & Ramsey County Libraries

Sweet Sales

Titillating Tastings

Zipp’s Liquors: Ask for Jeff



Byerly’s Ridgedale: Ask for Rodney


Solo Vino: Ask for Rob or Chuck


  • Tasting every Friday from 5-7:30pm

Sorella Wines & Spirits: Ask for Chris


  • Tasting every Friday from 5-7:30pm
  • 400 bottles always on sale at any given time

Swirl: Ask for Amanda


The Wine Thief: Ask for Arzu or Paul

http://www.winethief.net/Wine Thief

  • Saturday’s

France 44:

http://www.France44.com/France 44

North Loop Wines & Spirits: Ask for Kyle

http://www.northloopwine.com/North Loop Wines & Spirits

  • Tasting every Friday & Saturday from 4-8pm

South Lyndale Liquors:

http://www.southlyndale.com/South Lyndale

Stinson Wine, Beer & Spirits: Ask for Daniel or Bob

http://www.stinsonwbs.com/Stinson Wine Beer & Spirits

  • Friday tastings

Hennepin Lake Liquors: Ask for Phil

http://www.hennepinlakeliquors.com/Hennepin Lake Liquors

Sunfish Cellars: Ask for Mike in wine shoppe, Erica in wine bar

http://www.sunfishcellars.com/Sunfish Cellars

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  1. You might want to add Hennepin Lake since your focus is under $15. It is the best shop in town for wines under $15 and they are having a sale right now.

    1. Dear John ~

      Thanks for commenting. You are absolutely right! I’ve been meaning to get in there as they have a terrific selection! Thanks for the heads up about their sale. I mentioned it on Facebook and will update my website soon. PS – they have a great flyer you can peruse, too.


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