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Three Thieves Red Wine

Cost: Average price $10

Where buy now: Costco

Grapes: 52% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Zinfandel, 4% Syrah

Region: California

Vintage: 2010

Three Thieves Red Wine Blend

‘Tis the season of hustle and bustle, shopping and gift giving, eating and drinking. If you’re like most people, you’re probably going to holiday parties and/or hosting a holiday party or two. Either way, booze is involved and it can get, well, pretty freakin’ expensive.

I’ve waxed poetic about the miracle of Bota Box RedVolution http://bit.ly/NcxhVL/Bota Box RedVolution and my quest for big, inexpensive party wine continued. I’ve found it: a mighty 1.5 liter bottle of Three Thieves Red Wine.

Here’s the “Cliff Notes” rundown: Three Thieves = Joel Gott, Charles Bieler and Roger Scommegna. Three hipster dudes whose philosophy is that wine is made to be enjoyed by all people, not just upper crusters [insert appropriate percentage here]. Their spin is that they represent modern day wine Robin Hoods- “stealing” expensive wines and repackaging to make it affordable for the masses. They make a few different wines, if you want to know more, check ‘em out: www.threethieves.com/Three Thieves

Admittedly, when I first saw this big ol’ bottle in all it’s glory, I thought I was picking up the American version of “Yellow Tail” [*snap!*]. Ahhhh, what I do in the name of research. I less than confidently put this hooch in my cart with a sigh.

The garnet juice emits scents of cherry, alcohol and light tannins. The taste echoes all the above with a silky punch that coats your mouth, leaving a light zingy aftertaste. I don’t get strong flavors or scents one way or another. It’s simple goodness up in your glass. No need to decant, breath or age this big dog. Pop it, pour it, pass it around, polish it off.

It’s terrific party wine. (At least, any party I’d willingly attend.) If you’re a fan of Menage é Trois, you might even dig this more. PS – it’s a 1.5 liter for $10 and my “Skank wine of the month”. PPS – I better see this at one of the holiday parties I’m attending. PPPS – you know who you are!

Finca Flichman

Cost: Average price $9

Where buy now: Sorella Wines & Spirits for $4.97

Grapes: Malbec

Region: Argentina

Vintage: 2011

Finca Flichman Malbec

Sometimes all you need is some hooch. You don’t need nor want the complexities of a fine wine. You just want something that tastes like wine and is palatable.

This month’s Skank of the month is a Malbec you can find on sale for $5, now through Oct. 15, at Sorella Wines & Spirits.

I opened the bottle last night and took a sip. Wow, this is simple grape juice. The label states it’s oak-aged for 3 months, a friend expressed it seemed more like 16 minutes. <> Let it breathe for about 15 minutes and then drink the bottle down. Well, that’s what I did in this case. If you’re looking to get your drunk on, need a cellar filler or just want a glass of red wine to satisfy the craving, for $5 – you can’t go wrong.

Buy one, drink one.

Sauvignon Republic

Cost: Average price $9

Where buy now: Trader Joe’s for $7.99

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Marlborough County, New Zealand

Vintage: 2011

Sauvignon Republic

Since Summer technically doesn’t end until late September, you need to keep stocking up on what I refer to as “patio white wines”. Well, “need” is a strong word. That said, I shan’t be corrected: you need to keep buying more white wines.

When I’m not chugging down Tinchos http://bit.ly/OSIDwK/New Age The Savvy Lush Review my go to white is Sauvignon Blanc. For my taste and for ease of purchase, it is what I gravitate toward.

In saying that, I know several of you like the Kim Crawford Marlborough County Sauvignon Blanc http://bit.ly/OJlhYz/Kim Crawford The Savvy Lush Review

. As you can see/read, I enjoy it, too. BUT, if you cannot get it on sale or over at Costco (where it’s currently $12.99), I have the next best thing and it’s right in your local Trader Joe’s.

Let me introduce you to Sauvignon Republic, a Marlborough County Sauvignon Blanc. It’s fruity, it’s citrusy it’s crisp and delicious without being too light or too heavy. A nice, versatile wine that pairs as easily as it sips. I was stunned at how great it tasted. I was even more stunned that it only set me back $7.99!

Since this Republic gem makes me feel as if I’m getting away with something, I deem this the “Savvy Lush Skank”. Go ‘head- drink a bottle and pinch yourself. Enough said.