Did you see me on WCCO?

If you tuned in to Jamie Yuccas’ segment, “Minnesotan to Meet” on WCCO and are visiting my website, THANK YOU, I’m so glad you found me!

Do you enjoy wine? Are you in a wine slump? Are you a cheapskate? Do you know so little about wine you avoid the stuff? Do you just want to get down with your bad self for a night of frolicking? Folks, I’ve come to your rescue. Let me help you find the wine you didn’t know you were looking for?  Look to your right, I’m on social media. Find the platform of your preference and hit me up. No time for socializing? Simply sign up via your email address and you’ll receive a notification every time I post about another wine.

We support the "Drink Pink" movement.
We support the “Drink Pink” movement.

If you are slow to rise after a night of one too many,  you may watch it online. Check out the feature, Minnesotan to Meet.

Sending you Champagne wishes and Cabernet dreams. xoxo

19 thoughts on “Did you see me on WCCO?”

  1. Yes, indeed! I saw you on ‘CCO and was delighted. I’m a frugal oenophile and love finding a tasty bargain. I look forward to reading your blog and learning about some other great wine to try.

    1. Thanks, Judy! Enjoy and feel free to hit me up with questions!

      Cheers, love!

  2. Yes saw you on WCCO and your good work with MS Bike ride
    Very Good Job.
    Also your Wine section .
    Marked your Blog for my wife as she is visiting Father, with Grandchildren and our Eldest daughter in PA

    Spain 2000 for Eva’s wedding stayed at parents. Miguel used to grab the plastic jugs and bring back filled with local wine for their house wine.
    She also was introduced to Sangre de Toro, Torres which we are able to buy in the Cities. for under 10.00usd

    Keep up the good work.
    Thank You.

    mark, Connie
    N MN

    1. Thanks a mucho, Mark & Connie! I have seen Sangre de Toro, though have never tried it. On your recommendation, I’ll have to pick up a bottle.

      Thanks again for commenting – bottoms up, love!

  3. MN grandma that lives in TX. Here for granddaughters wedding and saw you on WCCO. I belong to a wine tasting group ( some are snobs) in TX. I like, shall we say, cheap. Like your website.

    1. Dear Sharon,

      So sweet of you to comment! How exciting, your granddaughter’s wedding! Oh, how I long for some decent Tex-Mex and a Lone Star Beer. 😉
      Wine is all about enjoyment, love to read you’re in a wine tasting group with all sorts of folks.

      Inexpensive wine can still be great wine!

      Cheers, love!

  4. I saw the last part of your appearance this morning on ‘CCO, and was very happy to discover your blog.
    Trying to find a “search” field on your site.
    Just wondering what proseccos you like?

    1. Thanks for commenting, John! Yes, there is a “search” section. Top right corner, there’s a wee-little magnifying glass.

      I adore Prosecco! The easiest to find is Mionetto. It’s about $9 at Costco but I splurge, and for $2 more, buy the Mionetto Valdobbiadine. I also like Carpene Malvolti & Zardetto although those are more around the $16 dollar range.

      Cheers, love!

  5. Saw you today. Sent the link to many of my wine loving friends. What kind of tea did you mention that was good for your liver?? Thanks!

    1. Dear Pat,

      Thanks for commenting! I like Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Root Tea. It’s a great liver detoxifier!

      Cheers, love!

  6. saw you this morning on ‘CCO. Now have your blog bookmarked as a favorite!
    Oh, and I get in trouble at Thomas’ ALL THE TIME – live around the corner from them and pass it everyday coming home from work…. Will definitely be on the lookout for your recommendations.

    1. Dear Lydia ~

      Thanks so much for commenting! Oh, that is dangerous! I love Thomas, it’s the perfect size and has such a great selection. Thanks for bookmarking my website. Much obliged!

      Cheers, love!

  7. Kudos on the MS efforts!!!
    Sure did – it was a great segment.
    Some of the local wineries have some terrific wines as well.

  8. Kudos on the MS effort!!!!

    Saw you on WCCO – terrific segment

    Some of the local wineries have some very tasty wines. One that I really enjoy is Parley Lake Barn Quilt Red.

    1. Dear Vivian,

      Thanks for your sweet comment about the MS work I do in my daily life. I agree with you on local wineries. In fact, when I spoke at the State Fair in the Minnesota Wine Country building, I highlighted Parley Lake’s Frontenac Gris. It went swimmingly with the “Spicy Wino” wings the booth was also offering. A nice balance of sweetness, acidity and creaminess. I haven’t had the Barn Quilt Red but will have to check it out upon your recommendation.


  9. Just wonderful Allison! I really can’t say you surprise me at how talented you are. It was pretty obvious early on. I really enjoyed the piece – and Frankie!

    1. Dear Erik,

      Thank you kindly for your sweet words. That truly means a lot to me!

      Miss you,

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