Bodegas San Valero – Manyana

Cost: Average price $6-$7

Where buy now: Haskell’s – $4.99

Grapes: Tempranillo

Region: Carinena, Spain

Vintage: 2010

Bodegas San Valero Manyana

It truly does not get more bang-for-buck than this $4.99 beaut’. Simply put: 100% Tempranillo wine; dark, ruby red in color, with smells of cherries, smoke, maybe a hint of plum. A little fruity, but with a hint of oaky spice, the taste is pleasant and mild. The finish doesn’t last long but, really, who cares? It’s $4.99. (You get an entire 750mL bottle for $4.99.)

If you aren’t a huge wine drinker, pick this up. If you are a huge wine drinker, and you are reading this during liquor store hours, leave now. [Did I mention the $4.99 price tag?] Perhaps it’s just the 2010 vintage, but this sucker goes down easy like a Sunday morning.

This is quite a versatile, medium-bodied red that would go well with typical Minnesota meat and potatoes fare. It would also go well with ribs, pork chops, or tacos. You could enjoy it with some tapas such as olives, almonds and Spanish Serrano ham (Trader Joe’s Serrano would pair nicely on a budget). Or, here’s a great movie snack: a bottle of $4.99 Manyana, a bag of Sweet Potato tortilla chips (on sale at Cub Foods for $2 and change), and mango salsa.

I insisted my husband try this wine immediately after he walked in the door that evening. I’m sure he was thinking “Ah, another cheap wine. Glory.” He took a few sips, and gave me an atypical “what is this?!?!?”. I told him it was $4.99. His next question was “Can we buy a case?” He NEVER asks if we can buy a case. If you didn’t catch this factoid earlier, Manyana Tempranillo costs $4.99.

You are welcome.

7 thoughts on “Bodegas San Valero – Manyana”

  1. E-mail comment from “The Wiggler”

    So I’m grabbing Beer and Banana’s at the L store (Wisconsin, gotta love it) after work and I spy your wine ‘o the week and nab a bottle. Great call on a cheap table wine. We go through a lot with meals, not breakfast…Ok maybe a light Pinot Grigio on the weekends. Travel to Napa every few years and even stayed at Jordan but we are NOT wine snobs. Highly recommended trip for all.
    FYI Surdyks has it even cheaper on sale 2/29/12.
    Thanks for the spot on review and keep ’em coming !

    1. It’s true – Surdyk’s Spring Wine sale has this puppy on sale for $4.49/bottle ($53.88/case) A CASE!

  2. Great blog, Allison! I had to comment on this one–the magnificent Manyana was my wedding wine! That is, we bought case after case of it and dragged it over to Patrick’s Cabaret. Glad to see you’re giving it the credit it deserves… –Shannon (from Align)

    1. Dear Shannon ~
      Thanks for your comment! Sounds like you had a super fun wedding!
      See you on Wednesday,

  3. Just got back from 6 weeks in Spain. Asked fellow at a wine store about a spanish table wine….. To give me a hint of what I’d been drinking all along. This was it and then some. A little better than the average table wine and reasonable. My new wine of choice. Great price!

    1. Salud!

      Thanks for commenting! I’m so jealous to read you spent six (of what must have been) glorious weeks in Spain. That is the next country I plan to visit. Happy to read Manyana is better than average table wine. Whenever I see it on sale, I grab a bottle!

      Bottoms up, love!

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