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C.M.S. by Hedges Family Estate

Cost: Average price $13

Where buy now: Stinson Wine & Spirits

Grapes: 48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot & 12% Syrah

Region: Columbia Valley, Washington

Vintage: 2010

Hedges Estate CMS Columbia Valley

I’m such a bonehead for not yet writing about the wines I’ve enjoyed from Hedges Family Estate! This C.M.S. is now the third varietal I’ve savored, and I have NO excuse for not sharing the first two with y’all. I’m a complete fan and trust any wine they produce. Let me tell you why you should, too.

Hedges Family Estate, out of Washington State, is run by Washington born and raised Tom Hedges, and his French wife, Anne Marie. They both cut their teeth working for large vinyards in the 70s. In the 80s, they created their own wine exporting company and their own {tip Merchants who purchase grapes, juice or bulk wine from small farmers, which they then produce, bottle and market on a larger scale under the négociant’s label.}négociant{/tip} called Hedges Cellars. An opportunity arose 3 hours East of Seattle in an up and coming wine region called Red Mountain. Volia! From the get-go, the Hedges Family Estate began making wine in a biodynamic way, very much working symbiotically with the terroir. While this may sound trendy or cliche these days, it was not the norm 25-30 years ago.

The marriage of American and French styles really emerges through their wine: New World but in an Old World way. Let’s chat about this C.M.S. which stands for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah (though I like to think it’s something like “Coat My Stomach”, “Crush Me, Studmuffin”, or “Caress My Slippery-stuffs”). The blend is nothing less than superlative.

Deep ruby juice fills your glass and aromas of black cherry, raspberry and toasty cocoa waft up your nose. It drinks like a New World wine, fruit forward with hints of toasted vanilla and chocolate. An “any occasion” wine, it’s medium bodied and pleasingly smooth with balanced tannins and acidity. Not too sweet, not too dry, with a decent little finish on it. I served it to guests and everyone liked it the best of all the wines we tried that evening. I’ve also been impressed by their Bacchus Merlot and their unoaked HIP Chardonnay (drinks more like a French Chablis, my fave American unoaked Chard to date!). You easily can spot their wines by their fetching labels featuring uniquely modern, yet baroque fonts.

Open this bottle day or night, weeknight or weekend. Sit back and enjoy a beautifully balanced estate made glass of wine. You’ll be impressed. I know I found a new staple- especially for the price!

Monte Antico IGT

Cost: average price $12

Where buy now: Surdyks – $9.97, Trader Joe’s – $10.97

Grapes: 85% Sangiovese – 5% Merlot – 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Appellation: Rolling hills of Tuscany, Italia

Vintage: 2007 – buy any European wine from 2007, you’ll most likely do well

Monte Antico
Monte Antico

Even though this is {tip Indicazione Geografica Tipica, typical regional wine. Also commonly referred to as TABLEWINE, or in my house, everday wine.}IGT{/tip}, it drinks smoother. This is a versatile red that goes with pasta, meat and cheeses. It’s an earthy wine taking on hints of herbs, cherries, licorice and plum. Medium to full body – this fruity, spicey number is sure to please.

Okay – enough of the stereo instructions. Notice the red cap in the photo, that’s right. A-RED-SCREW-CAP. What does the Savvy Lush think? Perfect lazy-man’s wine or if you’re going to someone’s abode and they stupidly don’t have a corkscrew.  You can find this ditty in so many stores. It’s a nice go-to wine for our household. Right now I’m finding 2007’s and that is good for us! When I was in Italy last Summer, my Italian friend, Maria Grazia, told me that 2007 was a GREAT year for grapes and wine making in Italy along with the rest of Europe. Therefore, when I’m at the store and see just about any European bottle with a 2007 year on the label, I swipe it up. You may find me searching for the best bargain 2007 wine out there. Hmm, do I detect a Savvy Lush challenge? Stay tuned. . .

If you like Chianti, you’ll like this due to it’s higher concentration of the Sangiovese grape. For those who think Chianti is too dry, you may like this due to the blend of Merlot and Cab. Give it a whirl, won’t cha’? Pick up a bottle tonight to accompany a hearty pasta dish with your hunny or bring it to a dinner party. You can wow your audience while you spew facts about how terrific a year 2007, was for European wines.