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Domaine de Figueiresse Gris de Gris Rosé

Cost: Average price $12

Where buy now: Zipp’s Liquors, Solo Vino

Grapes: 30% Cinsault, 20% Grenache Gris, 40% Grenache Noir and 10% Grenache Blanc

Region: Gulfe du Lion, Languedoc France

Vintage: 2011

Domaine de Figueiresse Gris de Gris Rosé

Since we are in the midst of Rose season, I must bring you another Rose that is both moderately priced and tastes amazing. Introducing the Domaine de Figueiresse Gris de Gris. It’s predominantly Grenache [Granache peeps holla!] and part Cinsault, a red wine grape whose main purpose is for blending with other grapes.  Cinsault [sin SO] is often blended with Grenache to give it a soft, fruity taste that’s also pleasantly aromatic.  This wine is yummy and at around $10, it’s real yummy.

I was introduced to this Rosé at a tasting hosted by The Wine Company. There were so many Rosés that I was FORCED to narrow my choices.  A good problem to have, but after a while, my pallet was on overload.  I’m not ashamed to say that after 9 or 10 Rosé samples, I have a difficult time discerning one that is akin to “ripe strawberry” from one that is simply “strawberry-like”. I could be explaining one of a thousand different Rosés.  I don’t want my head to hurt by _thinking_ about wine, dammit!

What I do know is if you are [still] hesitant to creep over to the pink side, this is one for you to test the waters. It is bright, full of fresh strawberry flavor; also, it’s dry, yet quenches that Summer thirst. Again, pink wine is NOT, I repeat NOT the White Zin from the 80s! It’s delicious and super drinkable alone, or even better, it pairs with just about everything.