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Zestos Malvar

Cost: Average price $9.99

Where buy now: Solo Vino, North Loop, Zipp’s, Pairings Food & Wine{jcomments on}

Grapes: Malvar

Region: Madrid, Spain

Vintage: 2010

Zestos Malvar

Pretties, I have a perfect patio palette quencher; a delectable deck dining hooch. I present the wonderful Spanish white wine, Zestos Malvar- yet another discovery from the Rosé Tent Tasting I attended in May (are you seeing why this tasting thing is so damn important?).

I didn’t know what Malvar was.  In fact, I don’t think most folks know much about the Malvar grape as evident by the lack of info I found. Apparently, it is even obscure to Spaniards, though Malvar grapes are indigenous to the Madrid region of Spain. Thankfully, the good people at Zestos realized this, as their back label is one of the most descriptive I’ve ever seen.

Zestos Malvar back label

Their description “the bright flavors of a Sauvignon Blanc and the body of unoaked Chardonnay (aged in stainless steel tanks) is right on the money. It truly embodies the acidity of Sauvignon Blanc and a fuller-body like an unoaked Chardonnay. It’s pale yellow color and smells of citrus/tropical fruit such as pineapple, grapefruit and mango are what you take in first and foremost. This may be a stretch but upon second whiff and taste, I notice hints of tapioca. On the tongue, it’s bright citrus flavors are rounded out with a creamier body.

Wait, “creamy” wine with hints of tapioca?  Sounds, well, gross.  Let’s break this down.

“Creamier” refers to a medium-to-fuller bodied wine. I remember when I first started getting into wine and I read things like “creamy body” and I was perplexed. The wine looked yellow to me, not like yogurt. Think of wine’s viscosity or body in terms of the consistency of milk. Skim milk = light bodied such as Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir, whole milk = medium bodied such as Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz and cream = heavy bodied, like Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon.

At a mere $10 (even less on sale) I can hardly call the Zestos Malvar a gamble. This is a fun, simple slurpin’ wine. No need to age, aerate or do anything but enjoy. I think if you like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, try it. If you like Chardonnay, oaked or unoaked, try it. If you like to try new things, try it. And in these hot Summer days, who wants something heavy? This is a cellar filler that you’ll return to again and again and enjoy.

My only criticism is that it doesn’t stay with you. The finish disappears after about ten seconds. This is really only a “problem” if you plan to drive later. And really, isn’t it the unspoken truth that sometimes, you just want a tasty budget wine to tie one on with?