Poggio Anima Asmodeus Nero d’Avola

Cost: Average price $15

Where buy now: Sorella Wines, Zipp’s Liquors (both have sale price of $12.47)

Grapes: Nero d’Avola

Region: Sicily, Italy

Vintage: 2010

Poggio Anima Asmodeus Nero d’Avola

I’ve fallen in love with an Italian (again).

The winemakers at Poggio Anima are hitting the market with some new wines. I jumped at the chance to try them since I love, love, love their Sangiovese http://bit.ly/OIm8wx/Poggio Anima Belial Plus, they’re on sale! I heart Nero d’Avola, and I couldn’t wait to crack this bottle open. Attention Syrah drinkers: drink Nero d’Avola, thank me later [repeat].

OK, can we talk about the name of this wine and the artwork on the bottle, already?

Asmodeus is the Demon of Lust as known in the ancient Hebrew Book of Tobias. From Vine Street Imports’ website:

“It is said that when Cain killed Abel, Adam and Eve separated for 130 years. During this time, Adam was tempted by Naamah and Lillith, two demons of prostitution. Asmodeus is the offspring of the relationship between Naamah and Adam.”

The winemakers thought this made for a great description of Nero d’Avola, a rich and opulent wine. I adore the label graphics- so simple and vivid, yet uniquely pleasing. (PS- this also makes it easier to pick out of a line up!) It reminds me of a unicorn, perhaps with more of a “bloodlusty” vibe.

The wine is perfect pizza/pasta wine. It’s ruby colored with fragrances of cherries, plum and blueberry. This is a universally gratifying wine. It’s well balanced with red fruit, spice and soft tannins. It’s drinkable, it’s lapable (yes, I made up that word after watching my dog lap up her water) and it’s dangerous. I say that because not only am I going to return to buy a case of this divine juice, but also, I just don’t see it lasting long in my house. Not because I’m having a party; or, at least, not one outside of my mouth.