Grifone Primitivo

Cost: Average price $5

Where buy now: Trader Joe’s for $3.99. ***2015 UPDATE now $4.99

Grapes: Primitivo

Region: Italy

Vintage: 2010

Grifone Primitivo

I truly was skeptical when I saw this Grifone Italian Primitivo at such a price point (insert infomercial joke here). I [stupidly] asked the sales clerk what he thought of it. (Ugh, remember when I did that with the Rosé and it turned out to be useless swill?) Well, in true TJ’s form, he said it was “really good for the price”. Great, thanks. Dare I plunk down $4 knowing I’ve had such stinkers from TJ’s as of late? Throw good booze money after bad? Well, “they cannot _all_ be stinkers” I thought, so I took the $4 gamble.

Primitivo is a grape that most similarly resembles the Zinfandel grape. Some even say that Zinfandel grapes are the same or born out of Primitivo grapes. Hell, check out the label, which says “Old Vine Zinfandel” right on the front. So, let the great debate continue! Either way, I say if you like one, you’re more than likely going to enjoy the other.

Also, like Zin, Primitivo is a great BBQ wine. This wine will fit in nicely with your weeknight hamburger and hot dog grilling plans or could pair with anything slathered in BBQ sauce.

“Anything, Savvy Lush?”

Well, anything you would slather BBQ sauce on in front of your grandmother, at least.

The taste of this Primitivo is fairly mild with notes of cherry and jammy spice. The nose isn’t anything special, and finish is rather fleeting but really, who cares?!? Easy drinking, smooth and pleasing, this is classic “Skank”. But, if you’re truly worried, make sure you have some dark chocolate on hand-never a bad idea.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s advertised as a limited selection so I’m telling y’all, get off yer arse and get yours ASAP.

4 thoughts on “Grifone Primitivo”

  1. Would like to know where I could purchase a case of Grifone Primitivo? I live in Palm Beach county FLA and have tried total wines and ABC Liquors with NO Luck!

    1. Dear Christina,

      I’m sorry it’s been difficult to find in your area. I’ve only seen it at Trader Joes. If you have one in your area, I recommend checking them out.


    1. Happy New Year Ryan!

      Thanks for finding my site and commenting. I know Grifone just went up a $1 in my neck of the woods. Still, at $5, it’s a smokin’ deal.
      Sadly, I’ve been dormant in posting articles (not in drinking). Hence the tardiness of my reply.My new year’s resolution is to get back in the posting game.

      May 2015 treat you swell. Cheers,

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