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Famiglia Meschini Torrontes

Cost: Average price $12.99

Where buy now: Byerly’s Ridgedale, Sorella Wines & Spirits, Zipp’s Liquors

Grapes: Torrontes

Region: Mendoza, Argentina

Vintage: 2010

Famiglia Meschini Torrontes

In these dog days of Summer, there isn’t a bottle of white wine I’d rather treat myself to than Famiglia Meschini’s Torrontes. In fact, I’m drinking something else right now and I’m mad, mad I tell you, that I’m not drinking this. Let’s put aside the fact that this bottle is sexy as hell. This white is a little zingy, a little sing-y, and a whole lotta ringy-dingy. Yes, your buzzer will blow slurping this Summer Solstice sipper.

No surprise, yet another beloved wine from the Famiglia Meschini Winery in Mendoza. To learn more about them, simply read my first article about them:http://www.thesavvylush.com/white-wine-of-the-week-|-white-wine-reviews/famiglia-meschini-premium-white-blend.htmlFamiglia Meschini

Torrontes, what is this wine?

It is quintessential Argentinian, where the grape is found. It’s a bubbly white that is sure to tickle your fancy. Sticking my nose in the glass, fragrances of peach are evident. Upon a couple more whiffs, apricot and tropical floral hints emerge. I think those who enjoy sweeter wines such as Gewurztraminers or Rieslings will enjoy this. With that being said, there is a balance. Even though that peachy apricot goodness is prevalent, it isn’t yicky sweet- more light and lively. The effervescence and acidity cut through, preventing it from being too thick, heavy or syrupy, while allowing dryer fruit qualities to emerge. It’s fun and easy going- just as Summer sipping should be!

Argentines are beef-eating folk, so naturally, it’ll pair well with grilled, smoked meats. But just the same, I’d enjoy this with sushi, spicy Thai, Mexican or Indian food.

Since we’ve been “enjoying” 90+ degree temps, get your hoard on now- we’re in for a whole bunch more in the upcoming months. What’s terrific is this is meant to be drunk now. No worries about aging this baby. I’ll stop soapboxing about this wine (for now) in hopes that my outspoken, faithful followers will supply their own comments. You see, this isn’t biased, just truth.