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Simi Sauvignon Blanc

Cost: Average price $13.99

Where buy now: Surdyk’s, South Lyndale Liquors

Grapes: 95% Sauvignon Blanc, 3% Semillion, 2% Viognier

Region: Sonoma, California

Vintage: 2010

Simi Sauvignon Blanc

The Simi Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma continues to be a staple I return to. It’s simply delicious with refreshing hints of citrus fruit: lemon, lime and grapefruit. It’s not all tart & pucker, however, as this wine isn’t 100% Sauvignon Blanc. There are tinges of Semillon and Viognier involved which adds up to a fuller, silkier taste. Don’t start thinking it’s heavy like a Chardonnay or Riesling though, this wine is fermented in stainless steel. It’s bright, vibrant and crisp with grassy notes, melon, minerality and balanced acidity. If you’re a big Sauvignon Blanc drinker, you’ll know what I mean when you give this a gulp. Wait, minerality, what’s that? www.winefolly.com/Wine Folly


Truthfully it’s one of the more difficult wine terms to describe and even winos have differing opinions. I found this video from my friend, Madeline, at Wine Folly who explains it best:

As with most wines out of California, the drinkability is great with food or solo. Finding fun foods to bring out the citrus zest and silky body, such as fish tacos, grilled salmon or a Caesar salad, would be a great idea. Think of any recipe that calls for olive oil and lemon. For instance, roasted chicken (shit, a rotisserie at the grocery store will do in a pinch) or boil up some pasta and toss with EVOO, basil, garlic, lemon zest and cheese. I implored the Fortify MN Food bloggers to give me a gazpacho recipe. I’ve always wanted to try a white gazpacho and so this week was a “Tale of Two White Gazpachos”. One from Fortify member, Diane: dianesfoodblog.wordpress.com/Diane’s Food Blog

Diane’s White Gazpacho

Another made without dairy, utilizing blanched almonds, old bread and green grapes: www.simplyrecipes.com/Simply Recipes

White Gazpacho[/caption]










You usually see this for around $15, which is a great price for this wine. However, right now it’s $10.99 at Surdyk’s during their Summer Sale. Yessssss. We are only halfway through Summer, folks- go ahead and stock up. You’ll be able to enjoy for months to come.

PS – If you are a Sauvignon Blanc fan, another must pick up at the Surdyk’s wine sale is not only the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc at $12.49 but Angeline Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc for only $9. It’s tremendous!