Sauvignon Republic

Cost: Average price $9

Where buy now: Trader Joe’s for $7.99

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Marlborough County, New Zealand

Vintage: 2011

Sauvignon Republic

Since Summer technically doesn’t end until late September, you need to keep stocking up on what I refer to as “patio white wines”. Well, “need” is a strong word. That said, I shan’t be corrected: you need to keep buying more white wines.

When I’m not chugging down Tinchos Age The Savvy Lush Review my go to white is Sauvignon Blanc. For my taste and for ease of purchase, it is what I gravitate toward.

In saying that, I know several of you like the Kim Crawford Marlborough County Sauvignon Blanc Crawford The Savvy Lush Review

. As you can see/read, I enjoy it, too. BUT, if you cannot get it on sale or over at Costco (where it’s currently $12.99), I have the next best thing and it’s right in your local Trader Joe’s.

Let me introduce you to Sauvignon Republic, a Marlborough County Sauvignon Blanc. It’s fruity, it’s citrusy it’s crisp and delicious without being too light or too heavy. A nice, versatile wine that pairs as easily as it sips. I was stunned at how great it tasted. I was even more stunned that it only set me back $7.99!

Since this Republic gem makes me feel as if I’m getting away with something, I deem this the “Savvy Lush Skank”. Go ‘head- drink a bottle and pinch yourself. Enough said.