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Vicentini Agostine Soave

Cost: Average price $13

Where buy now: Byerly’s Ridgedale, North Loop Wines & Spirits

Grapes: 80% Garganega, 20% Tebbiano di Soave

Region: Veneto, Italy

Vintage: 2010

Vicentini Agostine Soave

Maybe it’s because I’m buzzed as I write this, but I cannot stop saying “Soave” [SWAH-vay] like that douche bag one-hit wonder, Gerardo (you’re welcome). I know when I tell people to try a Soave, they start singing, “Rico Suave”. Perhaps that’s simply indicative of my friends. [*sigh*] Fortunately, the white of the week couldn’t be further from that level of d’baggery.

Regardless of any mixing of vinegar and water, you need to know more about this wine!

Soave is an Italian white wine that hails from the Veneto Region of Italy, near Verona. The East side of the top of the boot, close to the Adriatic Sea. Soave is made predominantly from a grape called Garganega [gar-GAH-nay-gah]. While not a well known white, it is universally pleasing.

I enjoy Soave in the Spring/Summer months, especially with grilled shrimp and other whitefish, like tilapia. Think about it: this wine hails from an area close to the Adriatic sea, so it pairs well with seafood. That is also a great rule-of-thumb, to pair wine with foods typical of that same region. Similar to the Gavi, I also enjoy this wine with pesto. In fact, I should probably do the “Pepsi Challenge” with both Gavi and Soave with my homemade pesto and pasta.

Truthfully, I think my favorite Soave is by Inama, Soave Classico. This wine now tends to hover around $20 and that is outside what I’m wanting to pay. So I asked my go-to guy Rodney for a Soave around $10, he pointed me toward this one by Vicentini Agostine [Vee-chen-TEE-nee aug-oh-STEE-nay]. This is a delicious Soave, especially for the price. I‘ll also note that I had one glass because my husband slurped it all, and he’s not a huge white wine guy.  (Of course, that’s also due to the fact that I’d moved on to a bottle of red.)

What’s not to like? It’s light, crisp and refreshing. It is unoaked, has a bit of tartness and smells of dried citrus fruit with a hint of jasmine floral qualities to it. Drink this before your meal, along with some grilled or fried calamari or a light salad with tuna fish and arugula.

Come to think of it, “Rico” and “Suave” are actually pretty good adjectives for this wine. So I guess he isn’t a total ass clown. Oh wait, yes, yes he is.