Kirkland Brand Côtes du Rhône Villages

Côtes du Rhône Villages

Cost: $6.99

Where buy now: Costco

Grapes: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre

Region: Rhone, France

Vintage: 2012

To be frank, this wine startled me. Really? A seven dollar Costco chuggin’ wine?


Pronounced (Coat-duh-Rone Vih-lahzh) it’s tickled with ripe cherry and old fashioned red licorice flavors. Wait, red licorice? No, not that corn syrupy Twizzlers crap- the REAL stuff. Decent tannins and finish. I decree at only $6.99, this is my Skank Wine of the month pick.


We paired Kirkland Brand Côtes du Rhône Villages with some grilled lamb chops (which you can also buy for a song at Costco). Our total meal, wine included, cost $20.  Remember: here in Minnesota, you do NOT need to be a Costco member to buy booze. It’s separate from the main warehouse.


From what the Farmer’s Almanac has been forecasting, we may be in for one helluva long Winter (again). Therefore, at only $6.99, buy a damn case. Your soul will thank you when you’re ready to fashion a noose because it’s still 100 f’ing below in March.


If you’re just a drinker and not a researcher, move your ass going to the store. Want to read more on the differences among the Côtes du Rhône region upon your return? I defer you to my pals at Wine Folly.

4 thoughts on “Kirkland Brand Côtes du Rhône Villages”

  1. Wish I had bought more of this when my Costco had it. Bought a bottle while I was stocking up on my favs from Costco so didn’t get to it for a week. When I did, it blew me away at this price point so I rushed back to buy a case and you guessed it, it was GONE. If your Costco still has it, buy as much as you can afford. For a Rhone style wine I thought it was GREAT!!

    1. Hi Tom,

      I know I wish I had bought more as well. I haven’t seen it at my local Costco in a while!

      Thanks for commenting and hope you’re having a swell weekend.


  2. LOL, isn’t every winter long in MN…? for what it’s worth, here in southern california, the heat in summer and autumn can bring on that feeling as well. but at least the costcos here seem to never run out of this particular kirkland wine. 🙂

    1. Hey Caligirl,

      Thanks for commenting. I suppose the grass is always greener,although I wouldn’t mind a warmer fall. The trees are already beginning to change leaves and it was in the 80s today’s!!

      Alas, yes, glad “the Costcos” can provide respit, no matter what the temperature.

      Cheers love!

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